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  • IDRR, Chinmaya Mission Hospital Road, Indira Nagar 1st Stage, Stage 1, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - Get Directions
  • May 13, 2019 9:00 AM IST
    May 16, 2019 5:00 PM IST
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Event Details

Dr.Manjit Singh

Module-1 (2 DAYS) 



  • The concept of Beauty & Divine proportions
  • Growth and Development Occlusion and guidance of occlusion
  • Malocclusion aetiology
  • Orthodontic diagnosis
  • Removable appliances vs. fixed appliances
  • TMJ, Muscles of mastication, Tonsils, Adenoid and Airway
  • Biology of tooth movement and its effects.
  • Diagnosis and treatment planning Cephalometric and software applications
  • Treatment concepts-Pre-adjusted appliances
  • Physiology of muscle and Electromyography

 Hands-on exercise:

  • Ortho instrumentation
  • Bracket positioning on Typodont
  • Band fabrication on Typodont
  • Cephalogram Tracing & Analysis


Module-2 (2 DAYS)                                                                                



  • Biomechanics
  • Orthodontic materials, wire, and elastics & associated allergies to Ni & Latex
  • Properties of materials and applications
  • Anchorage control, levelling & aligning
  • Functional appliances and their clinical applications
  • Extraction vs. Non-extractions
  • Bite opening procedures
  • The versatility of appliances - Roth, MBT Severity of malocclusion and methods of gaining space
  • Interceptive orthodontics/oral habits
  • Extraoral/intraoral anchorage, mini screws applications

Hands-on exercise:

  • Typodont exercise
  • Wire bending exercises
  • Fabrication of Twin-block Appliance    
  • Seminars and Case presentations by participants


Module-3  (2DAYS)


  • Space closure mechanics
  • Management of class 1 malocclusions Management of cleft lip and cleft palate Root resorption and its management in orthodontics
  • Overjet reduction
  • Management of class II malocclusions
  • Adult Orthodontics

 Hands-on exercise:

  • Typodont exercises
  • Soldering and welding,
  • Space maintainer fabrication
  • Case presentations and Seminars by participants


Module-4 (2 DAYS )


  • Finishing and detailing
  • Management of class III malocclusion
  • The concept of Tip edge technique
  • Sectional orthodontics
  • Viewpoint on surgical orthodontics.
  • Diverse treatment mechanics and applications
  • Concept sharing on lingual orthodontics
  • Relapse and its management.


Hands-on exercise:

  • Typodont exercises
  • Case presentations and follow up.


 Module 5 (2 DAYS) 


  • Recap of Fixed orthodontic appliances
  • Diagnosis treatment planning, software applications, derivation of functional analysis & other challenges in the diagnosis of dentofacial deformities.
  • Serial growth vectors in development & the role of interceptive procedures, Guidance of occlusion & management of airway problems.
  • Skeletal modifications during growth & development with various functional appliances, parameters to select the indications of the type of appliance in various clinical discrepancies & their followup.
  • Sagittal, vertical & transverse discrepancies & their management, in adolescent & adult malocclusions; class I, II, III situations, rapid maxillary expansion options.
  • Principles of treatment mechanics, various options, MTB philosophy & versatility.
  • Tip-Edge, applications of lingual orthodontics, & self-ligating brackets– Adult orthodontics.
  • Invisalign & clear aligners with their applications & limitations.
  • Space management & Anchorage enhancement with- temporary anchorage devices- concepts & hands-on exposure on sheep jaws with advanced treatment mechanics for impacted canines.
  • Extraction & Non-Extraction philosophy.
  • Interdisciplinary management of Cleft lip & Cleft palate.
  • Orthodontists role in upper airway sleep disorders.
  • Meeting the challenges of relapse & retention. Current options available to the profession to match the patient’s perception.


Candidates must bring the following instruments during all the modules of  this program:


  1. Bracket Holder
  2. Band Cutting Scissors
  3. Johnson band contouring Pliers
  4. Ribbon Arch Pliers
  5. Straight Howe
  6. Curved Howe
  7. Band Pinching Pliers (LT, RT)
  8. Band Pusher
  9. Band Remover
  10. Short beak Pliers (139 pliers)
  11. Distal End Cutter
  12. Light Wire Cutter
  13. Heavy Wire Cutter
  14. Mathews Needle Holder
  15. Separator Holding pliers
  16. Turret
  17. Boons Gauge

  • This program is a continuing dental education program for dental graduates to refine their skills in Orthodontics.
  • This is not a short weekend program - This series will take 15 months for completion 
  • This series of continuing education does not come with a University Degree / Diploma 
  • This series is based on the BDS Curriculum to help a General dentist / Non-Orthodontist to Diagnose Plan and treat clinical cases with good prognosis. 

Fees: Rs.195,000 + Applicable taxes  

First payment Rs.25,000+18%GST  & Balance 1,70,000+18%GST  by January 30 


First payment Rs.25,000+18%GST & Balance in 12 monthly installments of Rs.15,000+18%GST 

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